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Toyota Dealership near Pittsburgh PA

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Toyota Dealership near Pittsburgh PA

Toyota New Vehicle Dealership

The Toyota brand believes that innovation is power. They prove this principle time and time again with hybrid models like the Venza, fuel cell models like the Mirai, and powerful V8 powered models like the Highlander (also available now with hybrid powertrain options). Our Toyota dealership is proud to showcase the innovation of the Toyota brand. Our job is to continue serving Pittsburgh Pennsylvania shoppers with the kind of salesmanship and financial expertise we’re known for. When you contact Diehl Toyota of Hermitage, you open up a world of possibilities for your new model.

Toyota Dealership near Pittsburgh PA - 2021 Toyota RAV4

Toyota Specials & Quotes

The job of every Toyota dealership near Pittsburgh is to represent the innovative Toyota brand in the most meaningful way possible. We know that to most people, money matters. And when you pit our powerful savings against the sticker prices of Toyota models, those prices are going to plummet. Plummeting prices are part of our game plan here at our Toyota dealership. We want you to find the model you love, get determined to own it, and then be astounded when we offer you a price that’s well below what you expect to pay. To do that, we have specials of all kinds available: seasonal deals, everyday savings, and of course, those “incentives” we love to throw at you while you’re financing. If there’s a way to get you a deal, we do it! Quotes are a good starting point for anyone serious about shopping at our Toyota dealership near Pittsburgh. Our online inventory is proudly displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can shop for cars whenever you feel like it, whether from your smartphone or your computer. When you find a car, truck, or SUV you like, just request a free quote. How little time it takes and how much you can save!

Toyota Dealership near Pittsburgh PA - 2021 Toyota Camry

Finance and Auto Loans

The finance team here at Diehl Toyota of Hermitage is serving Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Toyota enthusiasts with a better way to finance a vehicle. Stop stressing and shopping at dealerships that simply don’t give you the value and expertise that we do. When you contact Diehl Toyota of Hermitage, we spring into action to begin the financing process. This begins with a simple assessment of your finances, the type of budget you want to put toward a new vehicle, and then your background. Some people want to buy, others want to lease, and still others are going to be able to take out a single auto loan and get the job done. The best part of working with our team is the time and care they take to make you feel understood and welcomed. They never rush you. If you need a few days or even a few weeks to figure out a down payment amount, or to get your ducks in a row, they’re always there to accommodate you. They give you room to work and breathe while you’re financing your automobile. However, if you want a deal done quick, they’re also ready to make this dream a reality, too.

Toyota Dealership near Pittsburgh PA - 2021 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Auto Repair & Service

Buying a car is a lot of fun when you work with the right team. Owning a car is also more pleasurable when you choose the right dealership. Our full-service auto crew here at Diehl Toyota of Hermitage is a highly experienced, dedicated batch of hardworking folks just like you. They’ve got the education and experience to give you a full-time place to turn when you need service or maintenance. Taking care of your new Toyota model is going to be paramount to increasing its lifespan with you. You’ll want regular oil changes, brake pad changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, and fluid replenishment. When the time comes for repairs – possibly many years from now – you can still come back to your old faithful crew here at Diehl Toyota of Hermitage. They’re capable of replacing parts with OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer), and they’re always up for a repair job. We know how valuable your time is. We have an online scheduling service that lets you set up an appointment in only minutes. Here at Diehl Toyota of Hermitage, we believe the easy, simple way is always the best way for our customers.

Toyota Dealership near Pittsburgh PA - 2021 Toyota Avalon

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Our online services are a handy way to improve your shopping experience. A new Toyota model might just be in your future. Take a moment to investigate our always evolving line of Toyota models. When you find something you’re interested in, contact us.

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